$MAC Taking Profits

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Took a 19% gain late morning.

No other reason other than the quick 20% runup from my price. Basis was the previous Weekly upswings of 50% then 20% which had pullbacks that were getting larger.

I’m expecting this to pullback somewhere close to 10.50

September 13th, midnight, Bloomberg published a bullish article about MAC.

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Today my mom asked me what I thought of bitcoin. What it is. 

It has also run up more than 10x in less than 2 years.

While I was standing in line trying to deposit money in a cebuana lhuillier to pay for my bitcoin, somebody approached me and made small talk about it.

Bubble trouble?

EURUSD 9pm 1H Breakdown


price broke at exactly 9pm

was having a rough night getting whipsawed back and forth trying to catch a trend arpund 830pm to 9pm. I thouhht to myself this cannot range forever. But it seemedblike it did and for the longest time i kept cutting. As time went on i put on larger positions until i got to 9pm i said fuck it im shorting 5x my usual units and im done for the night bahala na if i get stopped again

I did the opposite of what i would do countering. In countering, i make my trades smaller and smaller as time goes. With catching a trend, start with small trades, keep cutting, grow bigger


$BLOOM Razon sells 350Msh at 10.85 each


Remeber that time when BLOOM was in the doldrums and Razon came out on Bloomberg saying the market is overreacting? BLOOM was around 5 then.

Now it’s more than doubled and he’s selling shares to “give the market more liquidity”.

Interesting gap down opened a little higher than his selling price, went to fill the gap during midday, then back to open prices.