Urban Planning

Came across a site which might give our government officials inspiration and help on how to plan our cities. We Metro Manilians have been suffering because of poor urban planning which makes for traffic congestion, wasted time traveling to and fro places. Our urban sprawl is a massive waste of space and highly inefficient use of land when we can have tall buildings instead of bungalows as living spaces inside our major city. Somehow I think the way our cities are planned (or unplanned) reflects the way our city officials think, the “bahala na (whatever)” way.
Cyburbia (http://www.cyburbia.org/)  is a  site  for urban planners around the world to congregate and share ideas. I hope our planners will take inspiration from this and make better plans for the sake of our megacity’s future.


2 thoughts on “Urban Planning

  1. i read a long time ago that singapore contracted a big firm to make a plan for the city 10 years from now. that’s really forward-thinking. it may be too late to plan for manila. but davao, pwede pa. kaso parang wala ding planning na ginagawa.

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