January 14, 2008

Net: $102
LFT: -$4
DD: 0
Trades: 54
Shares: 5400


Started the day with a short on CTX  at 20.70 as there was DEMA13 resistance above, it quickly fell to 20.60 where I was supposed to take my profit but Rash had a problem, my order didn’t go through, I covered lower at 20.30 for a nice $40 profit to start the day.


Next was EMC, started shorting it 16.53 as I thought it had the potential to fill the gap. It went to further highs to 16.70 where I initially thought to cut, but instead added to my position, which gladly I did. It pulled back from the highs as lunch came through and went to as low as 16.42 before resuming the uptrend. After this trade I was up $70

Faded other stocks throughout the day BAC, CCU, COP, FIS, FRX, NWL, OXY WM, XOM that brought me up to $100. Didn’t go below $40. Low volatility and stress day.


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