January 27, 2008

Net: -$160
LFT: -$187
Trades: 75
Shares: 7402

We had an omen, the internet went down, power went out, stocks were grinding on a narrow range. Felt like THE MOVE would come, but didn’t think it would be this strong with XOM shooting up psat 84.84 (pivot) to 84.12, where I was down -$360 at the most. My average was 84.60. Too fucking far. A blessing that I got out at all the 1EMA8,13,21 lines.


Did not stick to my mental stop of $50 as I thought the converged 5EMA21 and 15EMA21 was too good of a resistance to pass.

One thing I do remember was when I was down $300+, I was no longer going to cut my position until it pulls back. I was ready to lose all my month’s gain.


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