March 24, 2008

Net: $104
LFT: $6
Trades: 52
Shares: 5200
Frame of Mind: Focusing on just making $50 to up my MPP for next month. Fully accepted the possibility of losing $50.

Had dinner with Berns and came in late around lunch. Kicked off with C, two trades were losers. Spotted a possible reversal on CFC, after holding it for more than an hour, it was still consolidating.



Saw both descending triangles on JPM and the XLF, kept on shorting JPM but it also kept on shaking me out, my average price on it was 46.70, went to as low as 46.35 only. My initial target on it was 46.10. XLF fell more whilst JPM was holding at around 46.35.

Made $50 on JPM’s trend and another $50 with the range from the last 2 hours, mostly long positions.


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