May 13, 2008

Net: -$239
LFT: $14
DD: $150
Trades: 12
Shares: 5000
Frame of Mind: Steady.. Not so fazed by yesterday’s lost.
Stop Loss: $150

Market was looking up. GE was doing 32.51 and 32.55, I was thinking of buying because there was support around 32.48-32.50, but I didn’t do it. FEAR.

At the open it jumped to 32.68. It then ranged without making a new top.

Went to eat, came back and saw LEH forming a doji.

Bought LEH at .30 at the doji close, it went to .60 in my favor, took a little at .52, then at .45.

I had an upward bias, or at least range. So i left 200sh, then added some more as it went back to mid .20s. Added another 400 at flat.

Went long LEH on the 5min doji, but it retested and I was stopped.

What I did right:

Identified and bought the doji right away.

What I did wrong:

Exceeded my stop loss for the day.


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