May 15, 2008

Net: -$129
LFT: $170
Trades: 4
Shares: 1200
Stop Loss: $50
Frame of Mind: Same as my PnL, a little bit negative.

A was on Bloomberg’s stocks on the move. Went long at 34.82 after unsuccessfully trying to bid it from 34.55. Went long because of the PRB (Pre-market Range Breakout). Only 100sh.

It went up quite fast to 34.40-50s where I was already selling, I reversed because of the 1min unfinished doji but I caught the tail end of the move down which was 34.20. I shorted 500sh there. It went back up to the highs and I had to cut at 34.58.

After being thrown back from 35.75 twice, it fell back significantly from the highs.


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