May 20, 2008

Net: $40
LFT: $160
DD: 0
Frame of Mind: Used to the losses already. Doesn’t really matter anymore 🙂 But still upbeat on the new strategy.

Started going long RIO just around 4280, with the intention of averaging up. Went long because of the 5EMA21 breakout, my sort of setup, and kept on averaging up as it was going up past 43.00. Added 400sh aggressively around 43.03-.07, then rode it all to 43.15 where I started taking out 100sh.

At the top I made $200, still not taking my gains. I got to about $150 at the end when I had to take my profit.

I lost my profits on JPM, where I “accidentally” shorted 1000sh on its way up the last 30 minutes.


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