May 27, 2008

Net: -$57
LFT: -$87
Trades: 50
Shares: 5000 some.
Stop Loss: $50
Frame of Mind: Goal today was only $100. Pressure to try and at least make back what I lost for the whole month, about $600.

Started slowly with GE and CZN, making $10, losing back to $0, making $10 and losing back to $0 again.

Caught a move from PDX that took me to $51, I averaged up and gave up my gains when it fell back from .90 some.

Lost continuously on XOM, and PDX that led to getting stop.

What I did wrong:

Played the trending game when I should have been fading the lunch time.

What I did right:

Managed my losses during the early part of trading.


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