How to Insert a Google Map into WordPress

I always come across the problem of having to insert a Google Map into WordPress’ pages. As you may well know, and that is probably the reason why you are reading this, WordPress’ ¬†TinyMCE editor is quirky when it comes to handling iframes.

The problem is, when inserting a Google Map into a WordPress page, you have to use the HTML view of the TinyMCE visual editor that’s built in WordPress. All’s good until you publish your page, go back to editing it in Visual view, click on Update. At which point the Google Map disappears and you wonder in frustration where it went.

Lots of Google Map plugins try to solve this problem by using the Google Maps API. Problem is, you have to have a Google Map API Key in order to use it. One quick solution is to use an IFRAME PLUGIN instead of a Google Map plugin. You see, a Google Map is essentialy an iframe. A good Iframe Plugin I’ve found is Deskera’s Embed Iframe. This plugin lets you insert an iframe using shortcodes in a very simple manner.

If this works for you or you’ve got other solutions to this problem then I’d love to hear it!