Earning Money Online Blog by Francis Simisim

TechFilipino is a blog by Francis Simism. TechFilipino is like a journal of Francis’ foray into Domaining and web site development.

He starts off by researching, experimenting and writing about the domaining industry. Then moves on to cover mini-sites and monetizing using adsense and affiliate networks, later on full fledged developed properties such as Lot.PH. TechFilipino also blogs about Web2.0 site reviews. I’ve picked up and found some cool sites reading about them.

As you read through his blog, you will read about his progress and how he made his first few dollars.

Francis is very transparent about his research, experiments and lessons learned. He divulges information such as how much money he makes, what his ROIs are and the very important lessons he has learned along the way. Reading through his blog, I find his posts very honest. Not surprising since he doesn’t intend to “make money online” via blogging.

I shot Francis an email to ask some advice about domaining and he was very helpful. His site is packed full of important domaining and web publishing advice, specially for newbies. So go over and check out his site, you might also learn a thing or two 🙂

Thanks Francis and best of luck in your projects!


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