Extracting Email Addresses from Gmail using Thunderbird

There is a web service to extract your email from Gmail but I did not trust it with my password so I decided to look for a different solution. I figured I could use Thunderbird’s and Gmail’s IMAP functionality to do the job.

The solution for extracting emails using Thunderbird can be found at this forum.

  1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Setup your Gmail account with Thunderbird. You should be able to see your Gmail labels as folders in Thunderbird.
  3. Download “ImportXportTools” plugin. (You may be presented with a warning page due to secure http, just click proceed.)
  4. Install the plugin by going to Thunderbird > Tools > Add Ons > Extensions > Install and choosing the plugin you just downloaded.
  5. Now select the folder with which you would like to extract emails, then select Tools > ImportExportTools > Export Messages in Folder > Export to CSV.

Your emails will be exported to a CSV which can be opened in Excel and copy the email addresses.

Let me know if you have a better solution for extracting emails from gmail.


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