FinchSells: Where Bullshit Ends and Blogging Begins

Since collecting AdWords coupons from the back of .NET programming magazines, Finch has come a long way into affiliate marketing. He’s however, humble and doesn’t let affiliate marketing success get to his head.

Chock full of expletives and useful information, FinchSells is an invaluable read for those getting their feet wet in affiliate marketing. His passion for writing is what makes this blog so entertaining to read and probably what has kept him blogging week after week. Like his blog mantra “Where Bullshit Ends and Blogging Begins”, he tells it like it is and shoots down the B.S. where others would even try to sell you an eBook.

Finch treats affiliate marketing as a business. He also realizes that affiliates are nothing more than middlemen gaming the system. The real money, he says, is in being the system. Meaning, developing a brand that can hold its own and that people will still troop to when the traffic sources dries up.

A lot of his affiliate wisdom are gold and some of his valuable advice will actually save you $$$ if you look close.

I can relate to Finch when he said that affiliate marketing is just a means to an end when he said:

“I’ve always been very honest about my aspirations. I don’t love affiliate marketing. I’m passionate about running my own business but you won’t see me on Twitter swooning over how many dollars I’ve stacked or how many zeros are on my next pay cheque. Towering riches mean very little to me.”

Finch stresses that affiliate marketing is not the end-all be-all for him and it’s just a launching pad for something better. Also, to be successful in affiliate marketing you have to be constantly churning out new ideas for campaigns and promoting offer after offer.

Some of favorite quotes were:

“Procrastination is masturbation…you’re only ever fucking yourself.”

“Entrepreneurs live for a few years the way most people won’t so they can live the rest of their life like most people can’t.”

So go over and read what Finch has to teach, his blog is definitely not a waste of anyone’s time.

Oh and by the way, his real name is Martin Osborn, not Finch. If you’re reading this Finch, why DO you call your blog Finch Sells?

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