Josh Todd: Inside Affiliate

First heard about Josh Todd from Andrew Wee’s interview. Josh founded the TriFoxMedia ad network (which is now out of business).

His blog contains tips relating to PPV and dating niche. The best takeaway I had from his blog is what he explains affiliate marketers bring to the table:

The real value that affiliates bring to the table is in our creative approach to campaigns and ad copy. You think that the company whose service or product you are promoting hasn’t tried direct-linking their website on the major search engines for their primary keywords? They have. They either have that on lock and therefore have those keywords blacklisted from you, or it doesn’t work and they turned to CPA Networks and Affiliates to think outside the box and get them leads from sources that they don’t know about or don’t understand well enough to do themselves.

The number one thing to remember here is that when you are buying traffic from someone and then selling it to someone else, you are the most vulnerable link in the chain and you can be replaced or eliminated at any time.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have job security by arbitraging, even for one second.


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