Comparing SERP Rank Trackers

The number of websites I’m managing keeps growing and it’s getting harder to track their rankings, especially if you track more than one keyword per domain. Imagine having just 10 domains and having to track the search engine result pages (serps) for the 10 keywords for each domain. That would be madness!

I’ve used several tools for this task, and here’s my honest review of each, in the order I found and used them.

SEOBook’s Rank Checker by Aaron Wall

It’s a challenge navigating through SEOBook because of all the stuff that he’s trying to sell you (I hate online sales pages). Once you find the download button though, you’ll be rewarded with a Mozilla Firefox based plugin for checking the SERPs. It’s very inaccurate. Results on Google are hit and miss. In Yahoo, it tends to misread other domains as yours, so it will show you having a high ranking when you’re not even in the index. It’s Bing checker seems to be accurate. It’s a retarded tool but hey it’s free!

SEOMoz’s Rank Tracker by SEOMoz Team

SEOMoz Rank Tracker's intuitive web interface

SEOMoz, founded by Rand Fishkin, is one of the world’s premiere SEO agency from Seattle and they have developed very powerful tools for all aspects of SEO. They have a free trial which lets you check ranks for 5 keywords a day. Upgrading to a PRO account which costs $99 ups that limit to 200 keywords a day. The PRO subscription includes access to all their other tools and knowledge base.

SEOMoz’s Rank Tracker is web based, so it will use their server’s resources instead of your computer and you will not have to worry about getting banned from Google by checking hundreds of SERPs simultaneously. It has the ability to check Google, Yahoo and Bing SERPs from local servers all over the world. They can even send you a nifty weekly rankings report where you’ll see at a glance how many of your sites improved.

It’s not perfect though. It gets tiring to input your keywords and domains one by one. It’s a bitch if you have to check your rankings daily. You’d need to click on “refresh” for one keyword at a time. I also couldn’t get my IDN in, but I emailed them and according to Aaron Wheeler they support IDNs.

Rankings report delivered to your inbox


SEScout seems to be pretty new. I heard about it from the WickedFire forums. They have a free trial which lets you check daily for 10 keywords and subscriptions to up that number from $14 to $49 a month.

They got a sleek interface going on with slides and all that, but there’s still some kinks probably because they’re still in beta. At the moment, they don’t have support for Yahoo.

SEScout looks promising because it’s easy to see a lot of data in one glance. On their sidebar you have a “Top Gains” and “Top Losses” columns. They have the ability to check from local search engine servers as well. Alexa rank is not important to me but they have it as well as PageRank and Backlinks count.

Market Samurai

I may have come across this tool several times but have probably ignored it until now because of their sales pages. I always avoid products that have savvy sales pages because I tend to not trust these products. Market Samurai however proved me wrong and you can’t simply judge a product by their sales page.

They have a 40 day free trial which would let you take a spin on their software with other features such as Keyword Research, Competition Research, Domain Suggestion tool, Content Finder tool and others. Market Samurai’s most valuable features I believe are the Rank Tracker and Competition Research tools.

Entering my more than 50 domains and keywords is a snap because they have a bulk input tool, which all the other rank checkers don’t have. This feature alone made me a Market Samurai convert even though it does not have the ability to check rankings from local search engine servers.

Comparing it to SEOMoz’s Rank Tracker tool which I subscribed for $99/month, Market Samurai’s Rank Tracker is a desktop tool that only costs $147 for the life of the product.

Do you know of any other useful search engine rank tracker / rank checker?


4 thoughts on “Comparing SERP Rank Trackers

  1. Thanks for this post. I have been using Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite. Have you used this product and if yes, is it comparable to, better or worse than the above reviewed tools?

  2. Hi I m also using Rank tracker tool by SEO Power suit. I m using its free version. When i am check keywords for USA region its shows me same ranking as my local region (India) with 2 -3 position difference. So i m confused whether its working or not for different region. Can you plz check this tool and share your view with us.

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