Dating with Facebook Part 1

I’ve been learning about affiliate marketing from blogs, forums and podcasts. One of the most important points I’ve learned is to TEST, TEST and TEST. I’ve had enough of that word so it’s about time I do my own testing!

I decide to start on Facebook Ads since they got the easiest and most accessible ad platform to use. This ain’t as cheap as I thought it would be though. For the dating niche Facebook suggests bids between $1 to $2 CPC.

Why did I choose the dating niche? The first CPA network I joined, Ads4Dough, focuses on verticals such as bizopp, dating, health & dieting and so are most other smaller networks. I also wanted to choose an offer that I could direct link to, and dating on FB Apps seemed pretty straightforward. I wanted to minimize my testing variables so I felt direct linking is the way to go for starters. The offer I chose pays $4.25 per app install.

The past few days I’ve been collecting images of mostly pretty women and posting them on Facebook to make me some monies. I’m starting to feel like a pimp.

So far after a 5 days of testing headlines, images and copy, I’ve dropped about $200 on Facebook and got back $88. My conversions are getting better though and I feel like a few more rounds of testing would reward me with a profitable campaign.

One of my ads surprised me with a very high CTR, which I never thought I’d achieve quite quickly.

Here’s what I learned so far:

  • At least with dating, you’ll never know which images will work until you test. Common internet knowledge suggests that the MySpace “self-shots” work great and yes they do! But some images work just as well and are rather surprising considering how they look.
  • Headlines matter A LOT. I’ve started reading John Caple’s Tested Advertising Methods and this book is copywriting gold. Caples stresses the importance of writing strong headlines and the principle of Attract-Interest-Act. If the image is what ATTRACTS your prospect, the headline is what INTERESTS them and the copy makes them ACT.
  • Broad demos can work. It may be too early to tell, but an ad that was created for a country-wide demo with a generic headline and copy got me 0.09% CTR on 21,000 impressions and converted at 20%.
  • Readable copy works better. I noticed that copies that started sentences on their own line worked better than sentences that started their first words in the middle or the right. This must have something to do with natural eye tracking for reading sentences.

On to more testing!


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