Banked $16,983.86 from Google AdSense

Google prohibits disclosing CTR and other numbers

$16,983.86 is not much. It’s not even a million pesos and I know people running AdSense do earn this much or more per month. I just want to let you know that it’s very possible to make passive income online. Right now though, I wouldn’t recommend starting with AdSense unless you have at least 100,000 pageviews a month because Google’s AdSense  is the lowest form of monetization.

Aside from blogging, there are many avenues to making money online. One avenue is to publish database websites and that is what I did. You see, unlike blogging, database websites require little to no attention after the initial launch and traffic. Back then, it was easy to get the traffic.

I got my first taste of “making money online” back in 2000. Passionate about HTML, I made a portal (as this was the trend then) named It had a directory, free email, lyrics and other knick knack stuff. Very amateur. For monetization, I ran AltaVista and other search engine’s search boxes because back then, they were paying publishers who sent searches to their engines. This was before Google and AdSense. I think I banked a check for $25.

Of course this wasn’t enough to sustain a living so I took on jobs until 2005. In 2005, I noticed that a lyrics website that I made started to pick up some traffic so I decided to do some SEO on it. AdSense was also just starting to gain traction and I put them on my sites. CPM’s must be through the roof because for what little traffic I got from a niche filipino lyrics website made me upwards of $1,000 a month.

I was making easy money and got lazy.

Two of my top earning websites are in the Philippine niche and I regret that I’ve been so stupid for not focusing on stamping out websites like these. CPMs are higher in developed countries and that’s where the money is in ad serving. You live and you learn.

So, moving forward, I think this “market” of publishing websites for AdSense monies is getting saturated to the hilt. Perhaps the IPO of Demand Media is a sign. I’ve rediscovered affiliate marketing and moving into the other side of this business — paid traffic. I’ll be working on combining paid traffic and affiliate offers and keep publishing websites on the side.


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