Dating with Facebook Part 2

So I’ve been doing a UK and AU dating offer on Facebook for 10 days and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

After testing ads on UK I found an advert that clicks at around 0.1% CTR. At this rate, I’m paying for clicks ranging from $0.35 to $0.63.

Testing was a bitch because Valentines had the CPC fluctuating to as high as $0.90. Conversions were nice though as what would normally be converting at 10% converted on a handsome 33%. How I wish I was ready for Valentines. Perhaps next year.

I learned about when to be using CPM bidding and decided to give it a shot, since my advert is clicking at 0.1% already.

I figured the same advert would work on AU traffic so I tried using that. I bid $0.63 CPM. The first few hours of the evening saw around 10% conversions then dropped to 5% as the night progressed. Spent $47 and made $50 with an average of $0.27 CPM and $0.27 CPC. Seems like dayparting is REALLY important.

Later that night I ran my ads on UK traffic. Spent $28 on a CPM campaign that only gave back $9.20 because the CTRs sucked. I was bidding high but I guess I was too early because I was running them at 4pm to 6pm. The overnight CPC campaign spent $99 and earned $111.

Getting close to profitability!


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