Dating with Facebook Part 3

I’ve learned some really important things that I will have to test still, but I feel already has some merit. Dating ads should not be ran before 8pm and after 10pm on weekdays. I noticed that this window provided the best conversions. Sometimes a difference between getting 10% down to 5%.

I have in my mind theories about how Facebook’s bidding system works but I have to test it to be sure.

Today I ran my AU traffic from 7pm to 10pm only. I noticed that conversions picked up after 8pm. Spent $58.82, got $70. Will try and keep it consistent like this until I can say it’s stable.

As for the UK traffic, I bid $0.57, got 187 clicks but my CTR was the lowest last night with just 0.06% and 0.53 CPC. Barely profitable.

So today I’m gonna try and shoot for lower volume of clicks. Suggested bid is at $0.64 to $1.14. I’ll be bidding my average EPC for this campaign, which is at $0.38. I’ll run it a bit early at 7pm since I am very, very sleepy!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…… (After 5 hours)….

Received a trickle of clicks worth $8.70. Earned $13.80. Profit of $5.10. It’s worth noting that the ROI here is more than when I was getting a lot of clicks but only making $10.


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