Dating on Facebook Part 4 – Success!

It’s been 18 days since I started my first campaign on Facebook. The past two weeks I spent learning all that I can about running ads on Facebook from forums, blogs and ran campaigns. Over time, as I was doing things right, I had a feeling I’d get to profitability soon and that day is today. I made $30 today from FB and $10 from my web properties!

So far I’ve spent $1,619.04 on Facebook. I have $1,273.75 on the networks so I’m still down $345.29.

My affiliate goal for February was to make $40 a month from all my affiliate sources, and it’s about end feb so I’m behind a month. Next month I’m gunning for $80 a day so that spells CRUNCHTIME!

Learned a lot of things as I posted on my Dating on Facebook Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 posts. On top of that, I learned a few more this week.

Yesterday I had a big surprise.

While running an ad on Canadian traffic, I wanted to drive more impressions. My original bid was $0.21 and I was getting around 15,000 impressions an hour, so I decide to up the bid to $0.25. After 10 minutes I checked my stats and  much to my surprise, I got 100,000 impressions in 10 minutes! Turns out I accidentally set my CPC bid to $25 instead of $0.25. My CPC cost was up to $0.51 and I was instantly unprofitable because my EPC was only $0.28. Lost $60 just like that.

Apart from that I think I’ve got the formula down for running dating offers on Facebook.

Here are some more lessons learned:

  • Broad demos do work. Running my successful ad over 4 countries on a broad demo got me around .08% to .19% CTR. Perhaps this could be further pushed with narrower targeting, but that still remains to be tested.
  • Using CPM is essential in getting low CPC, but your ad better be good. A CTR higher than 0.1% is necessary before you start bidding CPM. Otherwise, go back to testing on CPC.
  • Importance of Dayparting. Different hours have different CTRs and conversions, it’s important to test each one.

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