11 Steps to Making Money on Facebook

After 3 weeks of learning, testing and doing, I finally made profit on Facebook running an affiliate dating offer and got the formula down. Things like this don’t last forever though. Facebook could ban you, offer could get pulled out, among other things. So it’s obviously necessary to diversify your income sources.

So here’s a list of the steps I did on my way to profitability:

  1. Read blogs of other affiliate marketers who are/were into Facebook dating such as Martin Osborne, Riley Pool, Justin Dupre and WickedFire forums.
  2. Read books on advertising and copywriting by legends such as Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy that told about direct marketing tactics and the importance of TESTING and writing HEADLINES.
  3. Applied at networks Ads4Dough and Adsimilis. Called them up to let them know I’m no fraud.
  4. Culled some photos, created some headlines and copy, then started advertising on Facebook. Nothing beats hands-on experience.
  5. Copy, then test, test and test. I tested more than 10 headlines before I got my winner. I used the ad I copied as my benchmark.
  6. Get more images and tested some more. I was surprised at the winning images I got.
  7. Tried to tweak my targeting but I ended targeting broadly.
  8. Tested day parting.
  9. Tested age groups.
  10. Asked for payout bumps. This is IMPORTANT as I would not have been profitable at the starting payout I was getting.
  11. Expanded my campaigns to the other countries that the offer’s into.

I’m by no means done, there’s a lot of tweaking, adjusting and testing to do to keep this campaign healthy and scale. After I get these campaigns stable, I have to find new sources of traffic and offer to promote.


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