Mike Collela came from a display network background. He is famous for being one of the top affiliates for Truth About Abs and as such, has extensive experience in the Google Display Network. With his work, he needed to constantly look at what other people were doing on the display networks and so he thought of an automated tool that could scrape ads from publisher’s websites. This was how AdBeat came about.

I was fortunate enough to get into the beta test have a look around what Mike was building.

AdBeat scrapes tens of thousands (soon to be in the hundreds of thousands according to Mike) of publishers and records their ads into AdBeat. Several display networks are included: Google, MSN, Doubleclick, Pulse360, Adsonar, Adbrite, Chitika etc. In AdBeat, you will be able to see all ads that an advertiser runs, and on which publishers. If you are competing with other advertisers in a space, this would be an invaluable tool to be able to see what your competitors are doing, what kind of ads they’re serving, and improve upon those to get a better CTR and CVR.

This tool will definitely be a game changer for the the display advertising industry.

Price starts at $99 a month and $199 a month to be able to access all networks.

Anyone want to share the cost of the subscription?

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