Building a Business on WordPress

A year ago, I came across Envato’s ThemeForest marketplace and saw the potential for creating and selling Premium WordPress Themes. I was busy with other things and it was a bit overwhelming since creating a well developed WordPress Theme requires rockstar design chops and serious programming skillz. Well after dilly dallying for over a year I’ve decided to focus our efforts fully into serving this market.

WordPress is already huge, but it just keeps getting bigger and better, thanks to Matt Mullenweg who is the brainchild and founder of this open-source publishing platform. Even though WordPress is free and open-source, it supports a big economy that directly or indirectly employs people from designers and developers to accountants and office staff. This economy is composed mainly of Premium WordPress Themes, but Premium WordPress Plugins are also slowly catching up, with the likes of GravityForms.

There are several reasons why this market is well worth getting into. WooThemes, one of the top Premium WordPress Theme providers, generates about $2 million a year in sales, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, just this April, they decided to re-focus their business entirely on WordPress and drop other themes such as Tumblr, ExpressionEngine and Joomla.

Online freelance marketplaces also tells us something. In oDesk’s January 2011 oConomy report, PHP, HTML, CSS and WordPress are four of the top skills in demand. Elance’s Online Employment Report also states that PHP and WordPress are at the top spots.

If you still aren’t convinced with WordPress’ growing potential, Joel Falconer over at The Next Web wrote a lengthy article about the WordPress Economy.




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