Shoemoney’s Facebook Advertising Tips

Wish I’ve seen this Facebook Advertising presentation by Shoemoney, I would have saved some money back when I was doing Facebook ads on dating. It’s almost a year old but there’s a lot to learn from and that you can still apply today.

Key factors for high CTR ads:

  • 70% for the Image
  • 20% for the Body copy
  • 10% for the Headline or Title

It surprised me that the body copy mattered more than the headline, but that was what his data shows.

Shoe goes on to present some data about what kind of images work well, in order of priority.

  • Boobs (by far a wide margin)
  • Brands
  • Similar feel to the page or Facebook style association.
  • Everything else

Another interesting finding was that the average CPM to beat was $0.23, so make sure you pay Facebook at least this much to keep your ads running.

Shoe’s process for Facebook Ads follows these steps:

  1. Start off with CPC. CPC would give you “free” impressions, at least for a short while until you figure out what works.
  2. Test TONS of images.
  3. Test Title and Body Copy.
  4. Use the Responder Profile report to create tighter targeting.
  5. Use day parting to lower click costs.
  6. Switch to CPM once you find out what’s working on CPC.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

Another interesting tidbit, Shoemoney ran his dating ads only between 9pm and 2am for maximum profit.


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