Digital is Now by David Guerrero

David Guerrero of BBDO presented on a live webinar tonight about the digital marketing landscape in the Philippines entitled Digital is Now. The webinar was for IMMAP’s Certified Digital Marketer Program.

David talked about their experiences and lessons learned. Here are the key takeaways:

  • On digital, you spend more on content than buying media.
  • The point at which technology becomes boring, is when it becomes socially interesting.
  • Brand sites are dead. Brand sites should be the hub of a brand ecosystem.
  • Next big thing is still TV.
  • Filipinos lead the world in TVC exposure. Up to 20 minutes of commercials in an hour of programming.
  • Next decade will be about gaming. Games engage people.
  • Not all brand fans are created equal. They’re worth zilch unless you do something with them.
  • Whether a brand engages in digital or not, the conversation is happening online.
  • Consumers are ahead of the marketing curve.
  • Earned and owned media will grow faster than paid.
  • Likeable communications will make brands famous.
  • Average communication will be avoided and ignored.
  • Marketers are increasingly seeking out creativity.



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