Tourism Facts for the UK 2009

Some interesting facts about UK tourism, taken the UK Tourist 2009 Report.

• UK residents made an estimated 126 million trips in the UK in 2009, representing 399 million bed nights and £22 billion in
• Holidays are the main purpose of trips taken (67% of all trips) and are even more important in terms of nights (75%) and
spending (69%).
• Visits to friends and relatives (VFR) for mainly holiday trips account for one in five trips and nights away (19%) but are less
important in terms of spending (12%).
• Business and work is the main purpose for around one in seven trips (15%) accounting for one in ten nights (11%). These are
higher spending trips, accounting for a fifth (20%) of all tourism spending.
• Friends’ and relatives’ homes (including own second homes) are a widely used type of accommodation accounting for over four
in ten of all trips (42%).  This reflects not only visits to friends and relatives as such, but also holidays spent staying with friends
and relatives. With no real accommodation costs, trips staying at friends’ and relatives’ homes account for less than a quarter
(23%) of spending on all tourism trips.
• Commercial accommodation is used on almost three-fifths of trips (57%), but these trips represent a much higher share of
spending (76%).
• Commercial accommodation is mainly serviced (37% of trips) where trips tend to be shorter in duration (27% of nights) but
higher spending (52%). Hotels, motels and guest houses are the principal types of serviced accommodation used (33% of trips,
23% of nights and 46% of spending).
• Self catering rented accommodation is used on a lower volume of trips (18%), but these trips are longer (27% of nights) and
slightly above average in terms of spending (21%).
• The car is the dominant form of transport with 73% of trips using a private car for the longest part of the journey from home to
the destination.
• Firm bookings are made before the trip for half of all trips (50%), but this figure reflects the high level of staying at friends and
relatives’ homes and using personal transport, where advance booking is less relevant.
• Large cities/large towns (39%) are the major destinations of tourism trips, followed by small towns (23%), the seaside (21%)
and countryside/villages (19%).




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