LG G2 (D802) Bug Display Screen Won’t Turn Off

Ever since I bought the LG G2 (D802), I could not count how many times I said “I love you” to my phone. The LG G2 is a great smartphone and the best I’ve used so far. I was an iphone fan until its screen size wasnt enough anymore because i read a lot on my mobile. The G2 is blazing fast and does not disappoint. The only thing it lacks is a 7-day battery life.

One fine day the display screen suddenly would not turn off no matter what I do. I tried pressing its buttons, turned off settings that might affect the display, turned off the knock on screen feature, restarted the phone with people times all to no avail the annoying you kept coming back.

One day I learned to open the task manager and stop all apps. That seemed to work until a few minutes later the screen would turn on and refuse to shut off again. Since that seemed to solve the problem temporarily, I decided to troubleshoot and stop each app on by one to see which app what’s causing the problem turns out it was the native messaging app that was causing the screen to involuntarily turn on. I then tried to delete all my 2000 messages that I had in my messaging Inbox but the problem still persists. At least now I know what causes it.
Paging the LG guys hope you fix this soon!
Anybody else experiencing the same problem or other LG G2 bugs?