The UP Law Aptitude Examination Results (UP LAE) 2014 Results Are Out, and I’m In!

The UP LAE Law Aptitude Exam for school year 2014-2015 results were out since Jan 30, 2014.

I didn’t think I would pass the exam and since the list was long I did a browser “ctrl+f” find for my name. It didn’t appear. Curious to double-check I then scrolled down, and to my surprise I see my name! I blinked twice and my name was still there.

This marks the first time I have passed a highly competitive exam. I wasn’t at the higher ranks in any of my classes before, and I never considered myself academically bright so this is very much a surprise.  I forgot how many thousands took the test, but only 180 are accepted for this prestigious opportunity.

This was my second take however, and I’m sure there are people in that list way younger than me who passed on their first take. I envy them for they are 10 years younger. I was hesitant and somewhat ashamed to take the test before, but I told myself there was nothing to lose and 10 years older doesn’t matter if I’m going to live ’til 100.

For those who are going to take the UP LAE next, here’s some unsolicited advice:

  • Be prepared, be very prepared.
  • Persevere.
  • It’s never too late.

It seems I could have used these tips before I went to climb Mt. Apo.

As for specifics, I hope this braindump helps, as it’s from somebody who took the test twice in a row.

I had a hard time with the test in these areas: (have to build mental models to quickly solve these problems)
  • language proficiency
  • verbal ability
    • Tedum Vitae, Bamboozle, Carte Blanche, Innocuous, Ennui, Estrange.
  • abstract reasoning (finding patterns or maybe there are none?)
  • quantitative reasoning (math)
    • trigonometry
    • probability
    • volume
    • compound interest
    • algebra and complex equations
      • quadratic equation
    • diagnoals in a polygon f
    • square and cubes shortcuts
    • square root shortcuts
    • multiplication and division shortcuts
    • addition and subtraction rules
  • logical reasoning
  • reading comprehension
  • general information (trivia questions)
    • romeo and juliet
    • famous novelists
    • famous classical musician
    • famous artists
    • harry potter and twilight
    • cheeses and wine and ham
    • tagalog classics like barok and jane, florante laura, rizal,
    • filipino artists, literary, heroes, presidents
    • Cartoon characters
    • Supreme court justices
    • Philippine presidents
    • Us presidents
    • Nationl heroes
    • National artists and musicians
    • Fictional literary figures
    • Philippine history
    • Flowers and their symbolisms

I distinctively remember questions such as:

  • What time is it in Delhi, India if it’s 5:30pm in Manila?
  • Which among the following is not a cheese?

When comparing the most recent exam to the previous:

  • Abstract reasoning was very hard and very short time given compared to the previous exam.
  • Quantitative reasoning composed mostly of word problems and easy are computations and graphs. It was way easier than the previous exam.
  • Logical reasoning did not need much symbol substitution, just read fast and comprehend.
  • General information was varied. There were preference questions are most probably Attitude Quotient (AQ) questions.

Nobody knows how the exams are graded, whether it’s right minus wrong, or one area has more weight than another.

Hope this helps you future lawyers! Also, you might want to read Tucker Max’s article Why You Should NOT Go to Law School.


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