10/13/16 Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej Dies, 5% to 10%

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha abruptly cancelled a scheduled visit to the rural Chonburi province as the Thai stock market and the baht took a beating for the third straight day after an official statement over the weekend described King Bhumibol’s health as “unstable”. The palace statement first released late Sunday said the world’s longest reigning living monarch was in a “generally unstable” condition after treatment to purify his blood and drain excess cerebrospinal fluid.
10/10/16 Monday, SET almost flat. Opened 1453.
10/11/16 SET down a bit
10/12/16 SET down big,  SET low 1343, but closed 1406 looked like a reversal.
10/13/16 Made another low of 1356, but closed up to 1412.
10/17/16 Gap up close 1477.
1477 / 1343 = 9.97%
1477 / 1406 = 5%



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