Trump’s inauguration tomorrow. Dollar turns.


Weekly, support is around 100. Uptrend looks intact or the establishment of a new range.

Daily, it’s been in a correction channel since early 2017. High probability that it will bounce around 100 but don’t know yet exactly when. Maybe this is it upon Trump’s inauguration?

Scenario 1: A sharp move tomorrow going down due to Trump’s speech, then goes back up to correction channel resistance or a test of the 123 high.

Scenario 2: Weekly is weak, correction channel pushes down lower tomorrow and dip below 100 to meet the Weekly 24MA at 99.



I sold around 1.23300, expecting a return to near 1.24 where I could short again but it didn’t materialize. Could’ve made double as it continued down to H1 60MA. Could have.



Daily, bounced off MA, previous high 114.281 becomes support. Looking for an entry point.

H1, looks like the beginning of a 2 to 3 day trend if it’s we’re indeed in a Daily correction channel. Avoid FOMO and enter half now, and half at 114.297



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