USDJPY Trump Inauguration Diary



USDJPY first hit the upper correction channel of the Daily on the eve of 19th.


It went back up there again around 6pm of 20th, and touched the line for 6 times before heading down to 114.600+.


Started shorting 300 units each at 114.988 and 115.100 around 1030pm with stop at 115.436, the high of 730pm.

As I got more confident shorted another

2000 @ 115.204, 1041pm.
2000 @ 115.12, 1049pm.

Stops at 115.290, the 9pm high.

As it went down, added 8000 more but was unfortunately stopped out by the 1am peak.

Volatility came in around 120am as Trump spoke at his address, I traded around my position at this time and made $16.

After netting $16, I put in an order to get my 6000 short back at 114.950. It hit a high of 114.974 and I was in. It tested the 114.950 area another time before heading down to 114.600 where we are now.

Expecting downward move from hereon or surprise spike moves up on Monday open.

Feelings about a trade is directly proportional to size. What if you’re up $9000 instead of $90. What if the drawdowns were -$200 to -$700 instead of -$2 to -$7? How would you feel? How does it impact how you watch, evaluate and trade your positions?



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