$PXP breaks out, plunges intraday, bounces.

Rode PXP from 10.52 to 12.24. A day late in the breakout but didn’t want to FOMO so I put in a small position.

Surprised by the quick intraday drop and sold the rest around 11.70.

Bought at close 10.16 for bounce play.

Realized the next morning I didn’t buy enough.

Bought more at the next open and got filled 10.30. A little too high than desired. A few minutes into the open the sellers threateaned 10.10, peaking into 10.08 for a second.

Plan was to sell at 10.86 but got shaken out and sold around 10.40 to 10.50 because I didn’t wan to turn this into a loss.

A good entry makes all the difference.


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