$DNL Weekly bearish. Breakdown looming.


DNL at a crossroad.


$BKR Parabolic Play

BKR closed strong yesterday. Signalling parabolic tendencies for today. Got in at 2.24 on the morning breakout.

Sold half at 2.60 on flag target completion and 10:30 signals.

Interesting that BKR provided another opportunity for late comers in the afternoon session from 2.3 at 1:30 to closing.

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$MAC Taking Profits

Screenshot (332)

Took a 19% gain late morning.

No other reason other than the quick 20% runup from my price. Basis was the previous Weekly upswings of 50% then 20% which had pullbacks that were getting larger.

I’m expecting this to pullback somewhere close to 10.50

September 13th, midnight, Bloomberg published a bullish article about MAC.

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